Draw for March 8, 2016

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Draw March 8 2016 Aegir Ac Blodughadda

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Aegir/King of Cups; Ac; Blodughadda/Ace of Cups.

Gosh, with all the Cups cards coming up recently, you’d think the Sun and Moon were both in Pisces. Oh, right. Nevermind.

Today’s cards are the start and completion of the Cups cycle. We are so relieved to see Aegir, encouraging us to keep going, to do the last bit needed to sort out all of the emotional currents and tides of the past few weeks, and oh thank the Gods maybe things will calm down for a while—and, well, no, here is Blodughadda, the Ace of Cups, letting us know that it’s good we’re wrapping up all that, because a new cycle is coming. O, radost’.

Angrboda’s presence in Ac is your grounding energy and your safe space. The rooted strength of the oak tree, firmly grounded deep in the earth through its maze of roots, moves with the storm, but does not break. Angrboda inspires you to find this strength within yourself—it’s there, She would not tell you to draw on something that does not exist—to find it, to connect to it, to use it to keep yourself grounded while the wind and water do their thing. And, when the wind has calmed and the water has receded, you will find yourself stronger and better able to deal with what comes next.

And maybe, just maybe, allow yourself to believe that what comes next may be some sunshine after the storm.

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