Draw for March 10, 2016

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Draw March 10 2016 Jord Perthro Geirrod and Loki

The Giants’ Tarot, Raven Kaldera

Today’s Draw: Jord/Queen of Coins; Perthro; Geirrod & Loki/Eight of Swords.

Jord’s influence softens the harshness of the captivity in the Eight of Swords. Remember, though, that a cage, no matter how spacious and comfortable, is still a cage. Your options are limited, and your prospects are not inspiring.

In this reading, the cage may be one of your own making—trapping yourself with your thoughts about the situation, rather than seeing things objectively. Take a look at the circumstances as someone else would describe them. By doing so, you can find a new perspective on things, and so discover new ideas about how to deal with what has been the same old stuff for too long.

If you are truly stuck, you may find that the price of freedom is higher than you are willing to pay. It may require a sacrifice of something that, until now, has been dear to you. It may require you to agree to something you find despicable, something that goes against  your principles. This is where the shift in perspective can be helpful in finding an answer that achieves your goal of freedom without having to compromise yourself.

Perthro, the dice cup, comes along and injects the element of chance into the situation. Unexpected events,  twists of fate, or a surprise ally or resource could materialize, with just the tool you need to pick the lock and break free. Perthro also says that, if you have nothing to lose by trying, to go ahead and try.

This is a discouraging reading at first glance. Once you acknowledge the reality,  tune into Perthro and Jord for guidance in dealing with the problems. As Winston Churchill said, “When you’re going through hell, keep going.”

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